Johnny Jump Up®

The Legendary Irish Cider

Welcome to the official Johnny Jump Up website

Ireland is a country steeped in tradition and folklore, be it sport, literature, music and art. This is also the case with food and drink produce. The latest high quality drink product to reach the world market is Johnny Jump Up Cider - a premium quality, medium dry, Irish cider.

Our Irish apples are carefully hand-picked from award winning orchards. After pressing the apples, the juice is ready to begin the fermentation process. The young cider is then filtered and put into storage to enable the unique character of the cider to develop.

The filling is the final stage in the production process. Every bottle is sterilised, then filled and fitted with a crown cork. Next the bottle is treated in a controlled pasteurisation system. The time honoured traditional way ensures a very high safety standard, which also excludes the need for artificial preservatives.

Johnny Jump Up was inspired by the humerous ballad of the same name. The song was written by Tadgh Jordan of Cork and made famous by folk singer Jimmy Crowley. It tells the story of the accidental production of a new cider, more potent than intended. The cider was fermented in old whiskey barrels causing 'a delicious intercourse between fresh young cider and the slumbering spirit'.

Today's Johnny Jump Up is produced by Ciderspace Ltd., a small team of dedicated people. It may never attain the same notoriety of its predecessor but the legend lives on!

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